rental work

since we got to south bend i've been working outside and around the house taking care of the place and doing a few projects.  one of the projects i've been doing is working on david's rental property.  as a land baron myself (i know...), i am familiar with maintaining and improving a rental property.  with alanna moving out of the rental, that means that its time to do some work on making this place ready for someone to move in to!  there were a few projects that i had the chance to take care of.  the house had a fire pit in the backyard, but it was pretty delapidated and overgrown with weeds.  i took out all the old broken bricks, cleared out the overgrowth, and put in some different bricks to make the whole thing usable again.  i also built a new step for the front door and did some repair work on the back deck. all in all, i think the place looked a bit better and was now ready to move in to.  its a good thing, because david had posted the property online and it was snatched up in only a matter of days!  the new renter must have liked the repairs, huh?
(more pics)

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