lake swim

now that we were back in south bend, we were able to get back to work!  well, i got back to work, ledger and diana got busy enjoying the beautiful weather!  diana's mom got ledger a cute little floaty thing for him to hang out in so he could enjoy the lake along with everyone else.  so, we put on his swimsuit and hat, and gave it a try.  he loved it right away!  that boy cant get enough of the water.  the problem though was that all he wanted to do was to get out of it! he kept leaning forward and licking the lake water- gross!  he loved kicking his little feet and slapping the water, but his desire to be free was just too strong.  maybe we will try this thing again in a couple weeks and then he will be able to sit contently and just enjoy the water instead of squirming around and trying to get out!

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