visiting grandpa

we've been missing our stinky dog, and diana's dad has been missing his grandson, so we decided to start a new tradition: sunday afternoon with grandpa!  we arrived at his place around 1:00 and enjoyed a fantastic dinner that dad prepared for us.  its funny to see just how spastic poco is when he first sees us pulling up at the house!  he goes howling around the front yard whimpering to high heaven in excruciating excitement!  when he finally calms down fifteen minutes later, we head inside and enjoy a meal together.  dad doesnt have a high chair, so ledger just kind of wanders around messing with grandpa's stuff as the three of us eat and talk.  after the meal we all head back outside and play around the yard for a while.  its been really cool to be able to spend some more time with diana's dad, and ledger loves to poke around grandpa's house and see what kind of trouble he can get in to!
(more pics)

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