old toys made new

diana's mom has, much to ledger's delight, a bunch of toys for him to play with for the summer.  having a grandson who's only about a year and a half older means that she is stocked up with baby toys for boys!  ledger's favorite toy though, by far, is this sesame street play set that diana's mom pulled out recently.  he has been absolutely enamored with it!  as it turns out, so was his mom.  diana's mom actually kept that play set from what diana and her sister were kids!  they loved it so much that mom held on to it ever since then.  well, i know ledger is grateful that she kept it, and its a really cool connection between the generations!  i'm thinking it would be really cool to make sure we hold on to it to pass it down eventually when ledger is able to share it with his children some day.  cookie monster does make for a strange heirloom though, huh?
(more pics)

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