pantry play

with the 4th of july weekend upon us, diana and i head up to grand rapids to spend the holiday with my family at sandy pines!  whenever we come to visit we always stay at the house while my parents are at the trailer.  when we arrived we unpacked and took the rest of the afternoon to relax.  well, for one little pant-less explorer, that meant digging into whatever he could find!  and what he found was a pantry door that wasn't shut tight- that means that its fair game to him!  he had a blast rooting around the pantry, messing with cans of coffee and bottles of peanuts and anything else he could find!  we just stood in the kitchen and let him have at it.  he was picking everything up and pulling it out on the floor, just chatting away to himself the whole time!  oh, i bet mema wishes she could have seen this sight!  don't worry though, we will go see her first thing tomorrow!

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