too much light

after dinner, we went with everyone to see a show. its a pretty strange show called 'too much light makes the baby go blind' by the neo-futurists. ive seen the show before (and actually was in a version of it called 'nobody move and nobody gets hurt' in my college days...), but the fun thing is that the show is constantly changing, so it wasnt really the same show i saw before, only the same structure. (its really quite interesting, read more about it here). nobody else in the group had seen it before, so it was a really fun experience for all of us! the show was crazy and a ton of fun!
after the show, everyone else went out to the bar, but diana and i called it a night. there wasnt really any reason for us to go to the bar, with diana pregnant and both of us quite tired by the time the show got out at 12:30 am, we figured it would be ok if we passed on it this time...

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