macs rock

the other day diana and i were running errands around town. we were both hungry, but didnt want to waste too much time eating, so we stopped in at mcdonalds for a quick dinner. little did we know what amazing scene we stumbled upon! this mcdonalds, styled as a 50's dinner, was currently the scene of an amazing concert! there was an old guy up front playing a synthesizer and covering all the oldie hits! and let me tell you, the place was packed! we were lucky to even find a seat! the place was crowded with cute elderly couples there for a 'big night out'. they were loving it- singing along, even getting up and dancing! it was really adorable. diana and i didnt participate in the dancing (though, in hindsight, we really should have!). i guess that guy comes in there and plays every week. me thinks we will have to go back one of these days and get up on that mcdonalds dance floor and really cut a rug!

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Anonymous said...

you make me laugh! :)