afternoon with uncle

it was sunday afternoon and tim and jill were both getting sleepy. i offered to take the kids for a few hours so they could get some rest. at first jill turned it down and said that i dont need to do that, then i reminded her that she doesnt get this offer very often. upon reflection, she said 'sure!' diana needed her beauty rest as well, so it was an afternoon with the kids with just their favorite uncle! (ok, maybe i'm not their favorite, but i'm going to claim it none the less!). we all got on the golf cart and headed out! we were on our way to the mini golf course when we noticed that there were a bunch of people running their remote controlled cars on the car track! well, we werent going to let this opportunity go to waste, so we stopped and enjoyed the r.c. fun! afterward we headed to play some mini golf. the kids have a pretty strange way of playing: they seem to use 'calvinball' rules, which means they make up the rules as they go! oh what fun! we took a halftime break at the playground and messed around on the equipment for a while. we never did go back and play the rest of the holes... oh well! after we brought back the golf clubs and balls we went and got some ice cream and checked out the intricate train set out by the main road. it was a great time with the kids, and jill and tim were quite grateful!

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