labor day pines

saturday diana and i headed out to sandy pines to spend the day with the family. that night we went out to eat at sam's joint with all of my parents friends out there. we had a good time, but i was suffering from an ear infection so i couldnt hear hardly anything at all! the whole night was filled with a lot of 'huh? what?' which didnt allow too much from me by way of meaningful conversation. after we were eating diana and i shared our news with everyone- they were thrilled! not least of all my mother, she had been waiting the past three weeks, unable to talk about it with anyone! she loves to talk, especially about babies, so i'm sure this was three of the hardest weeks of her life!
the next night we had our annual sandy pines potluck with all the friends and families out at the pines. it was a great time, as always, and diana had a blast being able to talk with everyone about baby stuff! she was getting a ton of advice from all the other new mothers that were there!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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