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now that diana and i have told our families about the pregnancy, we figured it was time to tell my coworkers as well. at my job we have a tradition of making important announcements with food. when ever anyone is getting married or having a baby they bring in some baked good and put it in the lounge and leave some sort of cryptic message that the rest of the staff gets to try and decipher. i did it once when diana and i were engaged, and now it was time to do it again! back when diana and i first announced our pregnancy to my mom and papa, we immediately went out baby shopping! we wandered the baby isles and fawned over all the cute stuff we were soon going to be getting. we couldnt leave without getting something baby related, so we got these cute baby booties. we didnt know if we would have a boy or girl, so we got both! since then we have had both pair on display at the house as a reminder of what was to come. so, i grabbed the two pair of booties and got some cookies and put it on the table at school. i made sure to get to school really early so no one would see me set it up. it was really fun watching all the teachers go around whispering to each other 'do you know who it is? do you know who it is?' at one point that morning i was standing next to the math teacher and another teacher came up and asked her if it was her, she said no, and the teacher walked away- she didnt even think to ask me! ha! eventually, after about a half hour, someone finally came up to me and asked. i played dumb, but couldnt hold it for long before i began grinning ear to ear! everyone was so happy for us! what fun, huh?

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cute idea Mark!