a picture (frame) worth a thousand words

after first finding out from diana that she was pregnant and telling her mom and david, we made plans to go up and visit my mom and papa to let them know of our good news. it worked pretty smoothly: they were planning on coming down to visit us that week but it turned out papa couldnt get the day off. we had left it at that the week before, but now we knew that we really needed to see them! so i played it off cool and called mom and said that since they couldnt come down then we would come up and visit them for the day instead! they didnt suspect a thing! we got up there at sandy pines late afternoon and it just so happened that papa got out of work early so he was there too.
diana and i had this whole plan: she had been having fun decorating picture frames lately, so we made a picture frame for mom to tell her the news. in order to play it off i also made a picture frame for tim and jill that was sandy pines themed. we sat down out on the deck with mom and papa and were talking for 15-20 minutes when i steered the conversation to diana's newest craft project. i said we had made them a frame, so i went to the car to get the frames. i showed them tim and jills frame first and they thought it was really cute. after enough time had past i asked if they wanted to see the frame diana had made them. 'sure'. i pulled it out of the bag and immediately mom was in tears! it took papa a couple seconds to realize what it said, he took a double take, and he too was grinning before long! they were so excited! then the hard part came: mom, you cant tell anyone until labor day weekend. 'what?!?' i'm sure it was two of the most difficult weeks of her life! but true to her word, she stayed tight lipped! eventually we let everyone at sandy pines know about it and mom and papa were beaming with joy!

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still smiling every time I think about both of you and that little one!!