fire guys

for labor day diana and i headed up to grand rapids. friday night we got there in time to join the get together going down at jill's place. in the backyard jeffry lee was busy grillin' up some meaty goodness, and pretty soon the whole gang was there! it felt like it had been forever since we last saw all the guys, so we knew we were in for a really fun night. i had been really tight lipped about our news, so tonight was the night to finally share with all the guys what we had been excited about for the past month or so: baby news! the guys were thrilled for us, all of them were very excited. jill and allison got to spend the night asking diana all about it (which is what diana had been eagerly awaiting for weeks!) and the guys and i celebrated by making dumb jokes and being silly (so, basically what we usually do...).

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