gate con guests

here's a good general rule for attending any sort of event where people may have to sit behind you: dont wear a cowboy hat!!! this is the amazing view i had to suffer through for one of the guests! it took everything i had to restrain myself from taking it off his head and throwing it across the room! argh! thankfully we got different seats for the next speaker so i didnt have to put up with a strained neck for the entire day.
the guests this year were pretty fun, the main guest was christopher judge, he plays teal'c on stargate sg-1. there were also a couple other guys from stargate sg-1 and stargate atlantis: kavan smith, ben browder, paul mcgillion, and alex zahara. they were all quite interesting to hear from, some shared where they got their start, who were their influences growing up, and others, like ben browder, proved that he is just as big a fan of the show as the rest of us!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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