stargate quiz

along with the guests who come up and share stories and stuff, they also have a stargate auction and a stargate trivia challange quiz! they pick three people from the audience to go up and try to correctly answer any questions that the audience members can think up to try and stump them. brains and i were about to leave the hall and check out the vendors room again when brains asked me 'hey, why dont you do it? youve got nothing to lose!' so when the host asked for any volunteers i raised my hand- low and behold i was called up to the stage! now, i would not consider myself very knowledgeable in stargate stuff. i like to watch it, but i dont really get obsessive enough to memorize all the intricate details that one would need to know to do well on a challenge like this. fortunately though, the girl on the right did not have a life and instead invested all her time in memorizing useless stargate information for just such an event as this! the challenge was for us to answer five questions in a row correctly, if we did each of the three of us would win a 100 dollar gift certificate for the vendors room. the other guy on stage was in the same position i was in- he just thought it would be fun to come up on stage! obsessed girl though was in it to win it! someone would ask the question and she would get all persnickety about it and throw a fit if she couldnt hear the question perfectly or if the person asking it had bad grammar. yikes! we did pretty well (and by 'we' i mean the other guy and i didnt answer a single question!) getting seven out of 9 questions right, unfortunately we didnt get them all right in a row so we did not win. oh well, i did get a couple cool parting gifts though!

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Jon Blair said...

You left out that while you only raised your hands a little I was flapping my arms yelling "pick this guy!" You are welcome.