brother surprise

my mom got quite a surprise recently: she got back from the grocery store and was about to start unloading the vehicle when she heard a familiar voice behind her say 'hi!'- it was my brother! he came all the way from japan, where he's stationed, and surprised my mom! i'm sure she immediately was filled with tears of excitement (well, after she got over her initial 'whos this creepy guy watching me empty the groceries?' shock)! that brother of mine pulled a fast one on all of us and came for the week without letting any of us know! well played, sir, well played...
since school had already began, diana and i werent able to spend a ton of time up there to see him, but we did manage to drive up there for an evening after i got out of work. we all met, tim & jill included, for dinner and got to spend a couple hours with him. he hadnt been home for over a year and a half, so it was really cool to see him! the night was cut too short because i needed to work the next day and we had a two hour trip back home. shoot! next time bro, come when i have some days off!

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