visiting gramma great

since we were in town, my mom suggested that we should go and visit my grandma- she hasn't seen ledger in quite a while!  so while we were out friday afternoon, we dropped by her place and stopped in for a visit.  it was great to see grandma again, and ledger had a blast!  with 35+ great-grandkids, she was ready for him- she had a box of toys ready and waiting!  ledger was his usual jovial self, and gave grandma-great a big hug- then went exploring around her place, quickly coming across her toys.  he loved her little toy barn and animals, they were just like the ones from home!  the toy he really got a kick out of though, was the squishy ball.  he was bouncing that one around the whole time!  grandma had a great time with him too, getting such a kick out of his little laughs and goofiness.  i'm so glad we got to see her and show her the joy of our little guy!

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