sara and vince stop by

every once in a while we get a chance to meet up with diana's old friend sara and her family.  they have a son, shawn, who is only about a year older than ledger.  as he grows out of his clothes and toys, sara and vince love to pass them on to us- and we love to take them!  well, they had a bit more stuff for us as well as a christmas gift for ledger, so they came on over for lunch and playtime!  diana and i provided some delicious pizza, and after everyone had their fill, the boys headed over to the play room so ledger could show shawn all the fun stuff to play with.  ledger got to open his first gift of the season: an awesome loopy car track!  the two boys (and abby too!) had a blast breaking it in, sending the cars and whatever else they could find down the track.  shawn is a bit quiet, but by the end of the afternoon, he was having a blast and chatting it up!  he especially loved the toy cash register of tavish's and did not want to leave the toy coins by the time they had to go.  it was a lot of fun to see the four of them again!

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