one of the hardest things to do in the whole world, i'm pretty sure, is give an infant a haircut!  yikes!  diana, who is a professional hair dresser, even struggles with it!  about the only way to do it is by putting ledger on my lap, holding down his arms, and trying to hold his head still long enough for diana to make at least one cut at a time...  we've got the tv on to distract him, and even let him have his binky (which is only allowed at bed time), so you know its a bit deal!  diana did a great job, staying patient with his while he struggles, but we had to still break it up into two sittings!  she did what she could, but once he was too wiggly, we set him down for a while and tried again later.  after much frustration, he finally had a complete haircut- and he looked so cute that we completely forgave all the hassle that went in to it!
(more pics)

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