thor's day night out

diana and i had been trying to go out to see a movie for about a month.  we thought we might have the chance over thanksgiving, but with getting the chance to spend time with family and everything, we just didnt have a chance.  well, diana's mom and david swooped in and told us that they could take care of ledger because they knew we needed an evening away together!  we got ourselves all dressed up (you know, out of our 'house clothes', which just means 'sloppy comfy clothes') and headed out to the movies!  we had so much fun- just a chance to remember how much we love each other and how much we love spending time together!  it helped that the movie was a ton of fun too!  diana was looking her best (but then again, when doesnt she?) and was so pleased to have movie theater popcorn, that it didnt really matter what we saw, i knew we would have a great time!

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