playing at the table

our boy has become more and more interested in coloring.  he has a little container full of crayons and everyday he wants to sit at the table and color!  'crans! crans!' is the cry we hear dozens of times a day.  so we pull out some paper for him and pour out his crayons (i think sometimes that's all he really wants, is just to pour them all out and make a mess of the table!), and he goes to work!  every time he grabs a new crayon we ask him what color it is.  for some reason his default answer is 'blue!' no matter what color he has in his hand...  we have been paying close attention to which hand he colors with.  will he be right or left handed?  so far he seems to favor his right hand, but he's just as comfortable with his left hand.  hmm, i guess we will have to wait and see about that one... so far all he can do is make scribbles, but he sure does love it!
(more pics)

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