stop that

one of the big benefits of having friends who know a lot about cars is that they are sometimes willing to work on my car!  the breaks have been getting a big squeaky on the saturn, so diana talked to rob about it and he offered to take a look at it.  he had gotten the thing running earlier in the summer and did a great job, so one saturday i brought it over to replace the brakes on it.  turns out they were pretty bad...  levi came over to help out as well, and by 'help out', i mean 'sit around and watch' just like me!  diana stopped by to check it out too, and she even brought some food for us and rob's kids.  after a quick stop at the car parts store, rob went after it with a vengeance and had all four of the brakes replaced within a few hours!  what an amazing help- thank you so much, rob!

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