lil' musician

our little rock star!  for some reason diana's mom and david had a little ukulele.  i'm not entirely sure they even knew they had it, it was tucked away above the pantry, so far back you could hardly see it.  well, one day i pulled it down to check it out and ledger went nuts!  he wanted to mess around with it himself- and its the perfect size too.  he kept wanting to set it on the floor and poke at the strings, but i got him to hold it correctly just long enough to get a great shot of him looking like a rock star!  i figure that when he makes it big as a musician, he will have this photo to look back on.  it was woefully out of tune, but he sure loved plucking away at it!  after playing with it for about ten minutes his attention was drawn elsewhere, but the next day he pointed up to the pantry and said 'tar! tar!'.  uh oh, he's starting to remember stuff...  that whole distract him and he forgets about it wont work anymore.  there goes that parenting strategy right out the door!

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