as alanna brought more and more of her stuff over, the boys had more and more toys to play with!  one of the toys that they had the most fun with was tavish's grocery store.  ledger loved to pick around those bins and grab different fruits and vegetables to play with.  tavish often dutifully stood behind the stand with his trusty cash register, ready for the sale!  these two boys are certainly loving their time together, ledger has grown leaps and bounds since tavish's arrival.  ledger is able to say more words, understand more concepts, and be more confident and surefooted in his walking.  tavish is a couple years older, so he is running around and doing everything while ledger has been trying his best to just keep up!  the two of them can spend hours just running around the house in circles, tavish racing ahead and ledger limbering along trying to be a part of the excitement!

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