giving thanks for the keenans

knowing that we were going to be visiting grand rapids over thanksgiving, diana's mom made plans to have everyone over the weekend before to celebrate thanksgiving.  jared, katie, and liam came saturday morning and planned to spend the whole weekend with us- extra time for the three cousins to play around and have fun!  saturday afternoon diana's aunt gayle and uncle denny came over as well, and barbara and james rounded out the festivities.  the day was filled with making food (i got to carve up the turkey- my fav!), catching up, and watching the three boys get into as much trouble as they could!  after we were all about as stuffed as could be, we wandered over to the living room and the boys played a fun game that alanna had where they get to run around and get all their energy out- thankfully!  after the boys were in bed, the rest of us gathered around the table once again, this time to play some fun games.  its always a pleasure to see the whole family, it was especially nice to get a chance to hang out and get to know jared a bit better.  he and his family live in detroit, so we dont get to see them as often as the rest, so it was a welcome chance to talk- i finally found someone who listens to podcasts almost as much as i do!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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