brother run

saturday morning diana and i got up bright and early so that we could be ready to go!  one of the things my brother had planned during his visit up to see us was to participate in the river bank run, a half marathon that is held every year in grand rapids.  my mom, papa, diana, ledger and i headed down to grandville to cheer him on.  he had told us that he would be passing by the park between 9:30 and 10:00am, so we made sure to get there a little bit early and get a good spot.  well, with a baby it was kind of hard to meet the deadline for getting there early.  we ended up making it only about 15 minutes ahead of that 9:30 time.  it worked out fine though and we had a great view of the runners as they came down the stretch.  we stood there for about 10 minutes, scanning the passersby for chad, hoping to see him as he came around the bend.  i guess we had been looking in the wrong spot because all of the sudden he was running five feet in front of us!  he had spotted us from a distance and ran over by us, we unfortunately didnt notice him until he was right in front of our faces!  when we did see him we cheered loudly and encouraged him to keep up his great pace.  mom, so shocked by seeing chad, tried to step out and grab him- sorry mom, he's not going to stop and chat, he's got a race to finish!

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