mall the way

after going to see my brother run, we found that we had a good hour and a half before we needed to be on the other side of town for the rest of the day's fun.  so we pulled off at rivertown mall and grabbed a bit to eat from panera bread, and give mema a chance to hold ledger again for a while!  we had some breakfast and chilled out for a while.  it was kind of strange, really, because panera was open, but the rest of the mall was closed- the stores didnt open until a half hour after we got there.  strange.  well, with enough time killed, we got ready to go, which means that is exactly when ledger needs to be fed!  argh!  oh well, we let mom and papa head out and save seats for us at the recital and we headed over to the bathroom.  let me tell you something, diana's appreciation for the rivertown ball skyrocketed that morning because she found the special 'nursing' area for mothers, and she was so impressed!  its pretty awesome, there is a special room that has a couple glider chairs and a place out of the way to nurse your baby in peace!  wow!  great job, mall designers!  anyway, by the time ledger was done nursing, we were running about 15 minutes behind.  i guess this is the new normal now, huh?  we better just get used to always being late for stuff i guess.  sorry ahead of time to those who we make plans with...
(more pics)

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