my niece has been participating in a dance class for the past couple years and really loves it.  each year the class ends with a big recital for all the parents and family to attend.  its a pretty big deal and fills a several thousand seat theater!  in years past diana and i have had to settle for watching her performances on dvd because we've never been able to make it, but this time we were in town and able to attend!  the whole thing was quite an experience, there were about 15-20 different groups of girls, divided by age and type of dance, and each group came out and performed a dance for us.  it was really adorable to see because more often than not, it wasnt so much a dance as it was a random assortment of 2-7 year-olds looking around confused and making up a bunch of moves that they may or may not have remembered from earlier in the year.  it was so so cute!  i'm sure the teachers do a great job of wrangling the students in class, but when the teacher is gone and the stage fright kicks in?  oh, pure magic!  it was really fun to watch tweets do her best and perform her heart out!
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