ledger meets the guys

saturday night diana and i had planned a get together for all my friends so they could meet our little bundle of joy!  we hadnt had time to see any of my friends the last time we had been up, so it was really great to be able to invite them all over to my parents house and see them all at once.  mom had made a few yummy treats, and papa was our chief grillmaster, making sure the hot dogs and brats were just right!
the guests soon began pouring it, dusty and carrie and their two kids arrived first and my mom even showed the two kids up to the play room so that they could grab a toy or two and bring them out to the backyard to play with- what a treat!  soon jeffry lee, aaron and nicole, rex and christi, and eventually keith showed up too!  we had such a blast- man, it felt like forever since i last saw everyone.  it was so nice to get to see them again and catch up, show off the new boy, and just have a fun night!
(more pics)

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