mommy's day prize

it was a pretty special weekend all around: we got to go up and see my family, my brother got to see his nephew for the first time, all my friends got to meet ledger.  but more important than all that: it was diana's first mother's day weekend- and her birthday to boot!  knowing i needed to get her something pretty special for her first mothers day, i had been listening really closely for the past few months about what she might want.  after much thought, i came up with the perfect idea- a necklace of our little boy's name!  i found a website that makes custom necklaces and i ordered one.  feeling confident in my gift i rested easy knowing she would love it.  well, diana being diana, she came to me a couple days after i ordered it and said that she had found a cool website that makes custom necklaces and was going to order one of ledger's name.  argh!  when i told her that she couldnt she was kind of mad at me, so i begrudgingly told her 'you know, you arent very good at this.  its mothers day this weekend, and its going to be your birthday.  if i tell you that you cant get something, there's probably a reason!'  she quickly realized the situation and felt bad, but also felt really good because she knew she was going to get the necklace she wanted!  it arrived a day or two later and i gave it to her a couple days early so she could show it off all weekend to the family and friends.  she was totally thrilled, and it looks really good too!
(more pics)

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