tummy time

one of the things that we have been making sure we do with ledger is tummy time!  about 15-20 minutes a day we put ledger down on a blanket or play mat and set him on his tummy.  this has been so awesome!  see, he's not really that great at lifting his head just yet, so this time is meant to give him an opportunity to build his strength and encourage him to be alert and take in his surroundings.  at first when we starting doing it he just seemed mad about the whole thing, he didnt quite get it.  but since then he has been challenging himself each day to lift up his head more and more, even looking around and turning his head from one side to the other.  diana and i lay down on the floor with him and talk to him as he begins to explore the world around him.  he usually lifts his head up for a couple seconds then rests it back down on the ground and whines for a while.  each day though he gets better and better at it, lifting his head for longer each time.  but i'm sure he's thinking thats about enough of this whole working thing, he just wants us to pick him up and hold him some more!
(more pics)

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