mema's visit

diana and i were excited to hear that my mom wanted to make the trip down to visit us and spend a little more time with her newest grandson!  she arrived in the afternoon and we all got a chance to spend a little time out and about.  after getting a bite to eat over at the steak house, we stopped by 'once upon a baby' so mom and diana could do a little bit of shopping- always on the look out for clothes that actually fit our tiny but tall little man!  the problem we keep finding is that ledger is almost too small for newborn and even had to look around for some preemie clothing for pants that fit his tiny little waist.  we stopped at kohls and walmart too, but no luck!  oh well, i'm sure he will be growing out of them before he would even have a chance to wear them more than twice anyway.  we got a chance to stop by the second hand clothing store that my school runs- they have a ton of great clothing and furniture!
(more pics)

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