knowing that diana might be going a little stir crazy at this point, i suggested to her that perhaps we go out and do something!  she was all for it, she always loves to go out and about, especially if it means we get to go out to eat together!  well, i didnt have anything planned, but that was ok by her- she just wanted to leave that house! we wandered around meijer for a while, got a few things, and grabbed a bit to eat together.  its not about what we did so much as it is about the fact that we did it together.  we still had ledger along with us the whole time and it had been interesting to try and discover ourselves in these new rolls of 'mom' and 'dad', while making sure that i am still fulfilling the role of 'husband' and 'friend' to diana.  i'm sure as time goes on it become easier to balance these two aspects, but for now i just enjoy the chance to spend time with my first love and my new love together!

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