tum roll please!

ok, this is not normal- our little guy, only 17 days old by this point, rolled himself over!  what?!?  in case you have not had a child and are not familiar with the milestones of a developing baby, you might not know that babies dont roll themselves over until two or three months.  our boy did it in two and a half weeks.  bam!  thats my boy!  i dont have any video proof, but my wife, my mom, and i all witnessed it- it really did happen.  now, granted, it might have just been a fluke random coincidence that his uncoordinated body flailings just happened to work together this one time to allow him to do what appeared to us to be an intentional roll over, but i doubt it.  i saw him roll over, so i am calling it like i see it!
(more pics)

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