display the facts

saturday night we headed back home.  before we left though, jill asked us to stop by and say goodbye to the kids.  we figured it was on the way, so no problem at all!  when we got there the kids were still up (way past their bedtime, mind you!) so they could get one last look at their new favorite cousin!  well, it turned out that jill didnt just want us to stop by to say goodbye to the kids, she also had a present for us!  we opened it up and there was this fantastic wall hanging that she had made for us: its got all the information about ledger's birth!  how awesome!  we were just thrilled to death about such a thoughtful gift.  thanks again, jill and family, for the great gift!  ledger will treasure it always!  we've already got it hanging in our living room and plan to have it up for the rest of our lives!

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