glamour shots

one of the really great gifts we got from the many baby showers we had for little ledger was from the girls diana worked with:  they got her a sitting with a professional photographer, beth fletcher, who specializes in newborns!  we scheduled a time with her as soon as we got home from the hospital after ledger was born.  we were very excited to go and get some great pictures of our little man, so that morning we dragged ourselves out of bed and drove the 30 minutes to get to her photography studio.  we were exhausted, so we were very thankful when she told us 'you two go make yourselves comfortable, i will take care of everything from here!'  ahhh, rest!  both diana and i the proceeded to fall asleep on the couch.  it was a lot of fun to watch her work, getting ledger into a bunch of cute positions.  the key to keeping a baby asleep, it would seem, is to keep them warm.  because of this, the photographer cranked up the heat, which made diana really happy!  after a couple hours of cuteness, she provided us with some subs for lunch, and then we got a few more pictures, but this time with diana and i too!  we cant wait to see the results!
(more pics)

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