among the brinks

and now its time to travel!  diana and i packed ourselves, our dog, and the ridiculous amount of baby stuff, and ledger into the car and headed to grand rapids.  friday afternoon we rode up so that his other grandparents could spend a little quality time with their new grandson!  when we finally arrived, (which i'm sure was torture for mom to wait for) they were just thrilled to see him!  mom just couldnt seem to get ever just how cute and small he is!  thats ok though, i've seen him every waking hour for the past week and it still amazes me!  mom quickly got to examining him ('oh, look at those little fingers!', 'look at his little biddy nose!', etc.) while diana and i settled in for the short visit.  shortly after we arrived, it was time for ledger to meet his cousins!  tim and jill got there and we were able to introduce ledger to their kids.  all three of them took turns holding him and looking at him.  they were so curious!  i hope you like him kids, cause he's going to love playing with his cousins some day!
(more pics)

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