three years

we are no longer newlyweds.  its official.  i've always held to the idea that as long as you have a piece of wedding cake left, you are still newlyweds!  diana and i did the old tradition of saving a piece of the wedding cake to eat on the first anniversary.  but here's the thing, my mom actually saved three pieces of cake for us!  well, we decided to eat one piece a year, thereby allowing us to have two extra years of being madly-in-love newlyweds!  clever trick, huh?  well, it worked perfectly, but now, three years in, we must finally face the facts: we are an old married couple...  but only in name, that's for sure!  i love her more now than i ever have before!
we didn't really do anything too special for our anniversary this year, that's partly due to the fact that we have no money, and also because we are expecting our first child and he can come any time now, so we weren't even sure if we were going to be able to have a night to ourselves anyway!  we did end up having the night to ourselves, the little guy decided to wait a little while longer!  we went out and about around town, with no real purpose in mind, just a plan to enjoy ourselves and each other.  well, it worked perfectly!  we had a great time, and ended the night with a really old piece of cake...
(more pics)

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