heating up

ledger's temperature was a bit lower than they would have liked, so the nurses took him to the nursery to put him under a heat lamp and observe him for a little while.  it was good that they were extra cautious and careful, but we were really hoping that we could get to see him right away!  his temperature took a couple hours to get to where the doctors were comfortable letting him go back to see us for good.  unfortunately, it was getting too late for many of our visitors, they had an hour or two ride home after they left, and an our time change!  as it got around 8:30 or 9:00, mom and papa had to give up and head home.   miranda, lissa, dad, and david all had to head out as well.  it was too bad that they didnt get a chance to hold him then, but we all agreed that they will have many more chances!
(more pics)

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