my new family

we raced in friday morning, and now here it is sunday afternoon, and its already time for us to be on our way home!  i'm a bit torn, in one way if feels like we just got here, but in another way it feels like we've been here for weeks!  i was able to stay with diana for the entire time, never having to leave to go home or anywhere else, which has been a huge blessing!  many guests have come and celebrated with us, which we are so thankful for!  in this one weekend, our entire lives have been completely and utterly changed forever- and we couldn't be happier!
half jokingly i said to diana 'you know, i could almost just stay here forever.'  we were together with the new love of our lives, away from distractions, away from responsibilities, away from everything.  we were together as a family, together for the first time.  i know i will think about this time in the upcoming years and smile with contented joy.  we are blessed.  thank God, we are blessed.

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