great grandma's joy

with diana's grandma not doing so well, health wise, we made a point of going to see her with ledger as soon as possible!  she had been diagnosed with cancer and was not willing to go through the destructive treatments, so she was just fighting the good fight without aid.  we were able to go and see her with ledger just a day or two after we got out of the hospital.  she was so excited to see him- he is her first great grandchild!
oh, to see her look at little ledger!  the joy in her eyes at our little baby, it felt like, for just a moment, she melted with love.  as she looked at him her features softened, her pain subsided for a short time, she was simply a proud great grandma.  though ledger will not remember when he met his great grandma, we will be sure to tell him just how proud she was of him and how her heart overflowed with love to just hold him a moment!  we will be sure to tell him how much great grandma loved each of us and how she held on long enough to kiss his precious face.
we wont forget you, grandma, and we will make sure that ledger doesn't either!
(more pics)

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