new arrivals

we knew that as soon as we got to the hospital that diana would be able to eat until the baby came, so we took a moment and picked up some breakfast to eat on the way.  it was still really early, before sunrise, and the two of us were slowly starting to realize the magnitude of of what was about to begin.  but before all that, we enjoyed a nice sausage biscuit!
when we arrived i was planning to drop off diana at the door and have the free valet parking take care of it, only it was too early and no one was there.  so instead i looked for a parking spot.  the spot we found was about as close to the door as possible, so it worked out great.
we walked in and had a couple forms to sign, then diana got in a wheelchair and we were wheeled off to the prenatal area.  just our luck, it was a really busy morning, so they actually wheeled us in to the waiting room for a few minutes.  diana and i just sat there.  'so, if everything is full are we going to have to give birth in here?!?'  fortunately we didnt have to find out because about three minutes later they came back and wheeled diana in to a spacious individual room just for us.

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