first pacifier

we had hoped to go as long as possible before we gave ledger a pacifier.  turns out that one night is as long as possible!  he was crying on and off during that first night. we would take him out of his crib and hold him, which worked for a while, but the only sure-fire way to get him to stay quiet was to put a pinkie in his mouth to suck on.  the next morning we caved in and asked the nurse for a pacifier!  as soon as ledger got it, he was so relieved and got busy sucking.  we were relieved as well and enjoyed a few minutes of peace!
on a side note, i found this to be kind of interesting:  what do you call a pacifier?  it turns out that my family and diana's family use different terms for this little sucky tool.  i, for some reason, grew up calling it a 'pipe' in my family, while her family grew up calling it a 'binky'.  strange.  i guess on further reflection, it is quite strange that we would call it a pipe, huh?  a pipe is something that people smoke, so what does it have to do with keeping a baby quiet?  i'm not entirely sure what 'binky' is either...

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