in bed

now that we are home with ledger, an important question arises: where does he sleep?  we had the crib all set for him, but we dont have a baby monitor yet, so we didnt feel comfortable leaving him on his own in his room (and we wanted to have him close to us anyway!), and we didnt bother with a bassinet, so what do we do?  well, we kind of made a makeshift bed for him using his changing pad for the first night.  we knew that wasnt exactly the safest option, so the next day diana and her sister went out and got him a little tiny bed to put between us.  its kind of like a cute little pack-n-play!  we figure he can sleep with us for the first few weeks, but this is definitely not going to be a permanent option.  david said that he has a monitor for us, so we will use that as soon as we can!

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