poco, meet ledger!

now, time for the thing we have been the most nervous about: bringing our baby home to meet the dog.  we had heard all kinds of advice about how to do it, how to introduce the dog to the baby in a way that would make sure the dog saw the baby as a welcome addition to the family and not an intruder.  we had already asked diana's sister and mom to bring home a couple things for poco to smell that ledger had warn, a hat the first night and a blanket he had been swaddled in the second night.  so far so good.  in fact, when mom and sis woke up on that second morning, poco had found himself  comfy spot right on top of that blanket on the couch!  ok, so maybe this will go well.
we had heard that it might not be a good idea to bring the baby in while the dog is in the house, this makes the dog see the baby as an intruder, coming in on his turf.  instead they suggested that we should take the dog out of the house and then bring the baby in, when the dog returns, they will see the baby as something that is already a part of the accepted family.  kind of strange, but we trust cesar millan when it comes to dog stuff...
diana when in and got poco, put on his harness, and brought him out.  i got ledger out of the back seat and brought him in, followed by diana and poco.  at first the dog was unsure about this thing in the car seat that kept moving around, but after we took ledger out, then poco just wanted to get up and smell the little guy!  we did not let him, instead making sure that poco knew that there is a boundary: poco must stay away from ledger.  we hope to introduce the two of them slowly over time yet still keeping a distance between them.  sorry doggy, but there is a new favorite in town!
(more pics)

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