shelf the idea

there is a lot involved in turning an office into a nursery! first, i had to get rid of all the extra stuff (or as diana thinks of it: junk) out of there. goodbye shelves full of movies! goodbye transformers! goodbye random knicknacks i've accumulated over the years! its hard to pack up all that stuff or throw it out, but there's a pretty big change happening soon, so i had to make peace with it. i got some cd boxes and sleeves for all the movies and packed up all the dvd cases, sending them to the shed. one of the requirements i made diana agree to before i packed up the movie collection was that one day, when we get a real sized house, she would allow me to bring them back inside and put them back on shelves. reluctantly she agreed (thankfully!). as we were looking around the newly empty room we realized that we would not have enough shelf space for all the things that a child requires! so, i got to work and came up with this solution: five adjustable shelves on the wall, with room for more if necessary. perfect! except now diana thinks that we need to have a bunch of matching baskets to fill them all up. yeesh!

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