seven year repaint

another project i had planned to do while the wife was away was the cabinets. years ago, when i first bought this place, i had big plans to repaint everything and make it look really nice. well, i did repaint a lot of things: the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom. i even painted the cabinets. the only problem was that i painted the top cabinets and never quite got around to painting the bottom cabinets. oops. so for the past six or seven years i have had one set of cabinets that were white, and another set that were some sort of gross faded yellowy kind of color. over time i just got used to it and hardly noticed anymore! turns out, its been bugging diana ever since we got married! we picked up some paint and stuff to fix it a month or so ago, but then realized that we really shouldnt have paint fumes around a pregnant person! so i figured i would take care of it while she was away and that way the fumes would be gone by the time she got back. it worked pretty well, got the bottom cabinets looking the proper color, put a fresh coat on the top ones too. i guess i didnt plan it out very well because i realized that i didnt have the correct hardware (hinges and handles and stuff), so i wasnt able to put the cabinet doors back on before she got home. even with out the doors thought, it still looked a ton better than it had!

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