crib in pieces

a year or two ago, my sister and brother in law gave us their old crib. the last of their three kids had outgrown it and they didn't really want to throw it out! well, we were more than happy- incredibly thankful even- to take their old cast-offs! the problem though, was that over the past two years i had misplaced the nuts and bolts that came with it. oops! now that diana and i are going to need the crib, i had to try and fix that problem. i thought for sure i would come across the bag of hardware when i cleaned up the office or when i cleaned up the shed, but unfortunately they never showed up. time for plan B: i packed up a couple of pieces of the crib and headed on over to home depot! i scavenged through the bolts and washers and nuts and screws for hours finding just the right ones to fit. it took forever to find the bits that fix just right, like a puzzle with missing pieces! i cracked the code when i realized that the parts needed were metric, not standard. i got all the parts i needed and diana and i spent the night assembling the crib (which is not very easy when you don't have any directions...). now that its all put together, the room is really starting to look like a nursery!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, looking good! Can't wait to come and see the finished room!