its (going to be) a boy!

recently diana and i went in to the doctor to hear the heartbeat of our little baby. while there we asked how long it would be till we got to have an ultrasound and find out the gender of our baby. not until 22 weeks, she said. we were only fifteen weeks along by then. she did tell us about a place called goldenview where we could go and get an early ultrasound for pretty inexpensive and find out now. not being the patient type, we opted for that. within days we had an appointment! we drove up to goldenview (its in north chicago, so it was about an hour long trip) and eagerly awaited our appointment time. the whole way up we talked about baby stuff- what we would do if it was a boy or a girl, narrowed down some names, and were just generally giddy to find out what lay ahead for us! we got there and got diana ready for the ultrasound.  the nurse put that cold goop on her belly and within about half a second of putting the machine on her she asked 'so, do you want to know what you are having?'  hmm, it she knew that quickly then there is only one option:  we are having a boy!!!  immediately i became super giddy- diana started laughing because i was grinning ear to ear!  i would have been super excited either way, i think just knowing the gender finally made it real- we are actually going to have a baby!
(more pics)

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