my desk experiment

in the process of cleaning out the office we realized that we had a computer desk that we no longer needed- it was just in the way! but then the question arose: how do we get rid of it? i had an interesting idea. in the past, when we wanted to get rid of something we would simply put it by the curb and before we knew it it would be gone. i was always curious how long the different items lasted before they were taken away. with my little experiment, this time i was going to find out! so i carried the cheap bulsa wood desk out to the curb and put a 'free' sign on it. i took a look at the clock: 1:18pm. and then i waited... i peered out there every five to ten minutes to see if it had gone yet. i had high hopes that it would be gone quickly, but i also feared that there wasnt much traffic on our road and so my little experiment might not yield that impressive of results. well, it didnt take long, by 2:01pm it was gone! unfortunately no matter how hard i tried, i was not able to see the mysterious stranger who is now one desk richer. oh well, i was still pretty impressed with how fast it was gone, and happy to know that someone was going to get some use out of it!

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