before going to the ultrasound place, Diana and i checked out their website.  one of the things that they offer there is a stuffed animal with a recording of your baby's heart.  what?!?  that is just too awesome to pass up!  i got really excited about it and stated that we definitely needed to get one.  i reasoned that we needed it to be able to share the heartbeat with our parents since they live so far away and wouldn't be able to come for an ultrasound, but in reality- i just think its really cool!  of the animal selection they had there, we both decided that we liked the husky dog.  ever since then i have been squeezing him to hear our little guy's heartbeat several times a day- i am one proud daddy!  as someone who needs to name everything, i tried to find the perfect name for this stuffed animal and decided on calling him 'barky'.  the name makes sense since its a dog, but i gave him that name because, knowing our baby is going to be a boy, called this little animal 'baby marky'- or barky!  i know, i know, Diana rolled her eyes at that one too...
(hear barky's recording of the heartbeat here!)

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